-e/--exclude-namespacesScan all namespacesNamespaces to exclude from scanning. Recommended to exclude kube-system and kube-public namespaces
-s/--silentDisplay progress messagesSilent progress messages
-t/--fail-threshold0 (do not fail)fail command (return exit code 1) if result bellow threshold0 -> 100
-f/--formatpretty-printerOutput formatpretty-printer/json/junit
-o/--outputprint to stdoutSave scan result in file
--use-fromLoad local framework object from specified path. If not used will download latest
--use-defaultfalseLoad local framework object from default path. If not used will download latesttrue/false
--exceptionsPath to an exceptions obj. If not set will download exceptions from Armo management portal
--results-locallyfalseKubescape sends scan results to Armo management portal to allow users to control exceptions and maintain chronological scan results. Use this flag if you do not wish to use these featurestrue/false

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